“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” (Matthew 24:14).  In November 2012 we reached to one of the world’s margins: North Namibia, at Bushman tribe. With the evangelists Steve H. and Cornel C. we preached the gospel in over thirty villages within a month. In the majority of these villages, the gospel was never heard and the people living there never had the chance to see a Bible. We will never forget the tears of the people that found out for the first time in their lives about Heaven as a place where will no longer be famine (a problem that they have to face daily), illness (they are unable to fight against it because they do not have medicines or doctors) or lack of clothes (some of them wear the same clothes for decades for they do not have others).

These people have a really hard life. Most of them haven’t seen a bread in their whole life, they eat what grows in bushes or what they hunt. They set fire with two pieces of wood as in prehistoric era. They live in huts without doors. Most of them are completely illiterate because teachers usually leave schools because living in a jungle is a life of hardships.

The Gospel was received with great joy and over 3000 people answered to our call to repentance. During the sermon they were taught Christian songs in English, how to pray and they were given some principles for living a life in holiness. In some villages we offered New Testaments in English and Afrikaans because they do not have a transcription of their language so they do not have the possibility of reading the Bible in their own language. At the end of the sermon, there were prayers for the ill people and some testimonies. The power of God gave health to the ill ones and gave freedom for those possessed by demons. During the prayer, some of them were shaking, screaming, falling down – signs of being spiritually released. At the end, they confessed that they felt spiritually free.

We also gave them material goods such as: oil, sugar, flour, corn, tee and pasta. What we gave them helped them for three or four days, but compared to their daily food, this was a gift from God. Some villages are actually forsaken because of starvation;  people feeding themselves with leaves or lizards.

In this tribe there are still many villages that wait for the Gospel, a slice of bread, a pair of shoes or a coat – things that modern world consider an elementary human right.