We must be ready to make every effort so that the people would hear the Gospel. Despite the fact we were still recovering from our ministry in June, we set out in our forth evangelizing campaign that was scheduled for August 8th-12th. With God`s help, we overcame our fatigue and travelled to Campulung in Arges County. We were accompanied by 44 young people from Romania and Austria and together evangelized the following places: Campulung, Cetateni, Bugea de Jos and Rucar. We found there a very spiritually dark region, bound by witchcraft and other occult practices from Satan. Approximately 2000 souls heard the Gospel in this period. While talking to people on the streets and praying for them, some, being touched by the Gospel, started to cry while ministering to them. A man that had refused a team of ours, came the next day to our public service and said to the pastor he couldn`t sleep all night because he felt rebuked in his conscience by the thought that he had rejected them and the Bible they wanted to give him. Nobody had ever told him about God. The pastor gave him a Bible and the man went home happy. In Cetateni village, there was a Gipsy community of the rudari tribe. They didn`t speak Romanian and were so dangerous that even the police forces avoided going there. Despite the fact that the mayor told us no to go there, one of our mission teams held an evangelizing program there. The Lord touched their hearts and hundreds came to listen and were very moved by the Gospel. At the end, they all crowded to receive a Bible, a book and a CD. The Word of God worked with great power and the mission team was very encouraged to preach the Gospel.