In early January, we preached the Gospel for a week in a few villages in Botswana. When in New Xanagas village, the Lutheran pastor welcomed us and for a period of several days we evangelized people personally on the streets. During this period, our team approached hundreds of people and shared with them the Gospel. Most of the people in this village didn`t own a Bible so we handed out New Testaments and CDs containing the audio version of the Bible in naro language for those who didn`t know how to read. Several evenings, we held evangelizing services in the Lutheran church and many people attended. In our last day in this village, we held a big outdoor evangelizing program in the village center and hundreds of people participated. The power of the Holy Spirit was at work and a lot of people heard the truth. We saw God`s grace and power in other villages where we held evangelizing meetings and prayed for the sick.