Buzau is a county that was very little involved in evangelisation and very few believers live there. During the period between the 1st of July and the 5th of July, with a team of 15 people, we managed to visit Albesti, Calvini, Nehoiu, Racoviteni and Buzau. During these evangelistic events, we cotacted more than a thousand people. We shared the Gospel to each of these persons and gave them the book entitled What can I do to be saved together with CDs that contained chritian music and sermons. We were very surprised to learn that many of the peopple we met never read Bible and never had a Bible in their homes so we offered them hundreds of New Testaments. In all the places presented before, we organized every evening meetings where many of the local people attended. They attended such events for the first time in their lives and they were surprised and amazed. The city of Buzau has 150.000 inhabitants and less than a hundred of them are believers. In our last night there, we organized a meeting in Parcul Tineretului, a central park, where two hundreds people came, but where many more were able to hear our message.  Our team spoke to the people there and gave them christian literature to those that were in the park at that time. This project was organized in collaboration with Pentecostal Church in Buzau.