God comes where He is called!

Domnul vine acolo unde este chemat! In January 2014 I arrived for the second time in the bushman village Bense in Namibia. We held there a meeting and invited the locals to learn a few songs in English, Romanian and Khoe, their native language. The people were very touched by God and kept singing the

Jesus can save people in every place!

Jesus can save people in every place! During the last days of our mission in Namibia and on our way to the capital, the bus made a stop at a restaurant. There worked a woman named Gloria. I started evangelizing her. As I was speaking, the Lord showed me that she had a very tough

I want to know God more!

Vreau să cunosc mai mult pe Domnul! These were the words of a young man called Johannes from a village called Bloberg. During the evangelizing campaigns that we had in January 2014 among the naro speaking Bushmen tribe, we encountered a young man that we invited to be our translator at our meetings in that