In June 25th-30th, accompanied by 80 young people from different parts of Romania, Europe and USA, we started a big evangelizing campaign in Arges County in the following places: Călinești, Curtea de Argeș, Negreni, Valea Nandrei, Izvoru, Stolnici, Teiu, Tigveni, Tătărăști, Uda de Jos, Uda de Sus, Băbana, Udupu, Ciupa and Rătești. In most of these places, we evangelized for 3 consecutive days and as a result of God`s work, dozens of people expressed publicly their desire to follow Christ. We saw a big spiritual hunger after the Word of God, some of them being very emotional and deeply moved by the Gospel. Despite the fact that we were bullied and harassed by the local priests or even the officials, these didn`t stop the locals to attend our public services. A special moment was seen by the young man who was in charge of photographing and filming our missions. He told us how, one day, while he was praying on the street, he saw how a woman, after reading one of our invitations, started crying, obviously being moved by the challenging message. Every morning, at their devotional time, our mission team was filled with the Holy Spirit. Some received prophetic messages about the obstacles that were in front of us. All the young people had great experiences with God and started testifying them. As a result of this evangelizing campaign, we opened four new mission points in villages where we are trying to plant churches. These villages are Izvoru, Stolnici, Uda de Jos and Negreni. We managed to share the Gospel to approximately 3000 people and handed out around 1000 CDs and over 500 Bibles.