The words of our Lord Jesus have been spoken thousands of years ago but haven`t lost their power. In July 4th-10th, we experienced the power of the words of Jesus in the evangelizing campaign we organized in Bistrita Nasaud County in the following places: Blăjenii de Jos, Blăjenii de Sus, Bidiu, Șieu Sfântul, Ciceu Mihăiești, Tîrlișua, Rusu, Sâmihaiu de Câmpie, Mărișel, Șieu. Accompanied by a team of approximately 100 young people, from different parts of Romania, we evangelized these settlements. Most of the day, we went two by two and talked to people on the streets or in their home. We handed out over 500 Bibles, hundreds of CDs, books and New Testaments. In some cases, people would run after us and ask for a Bible. When we would ask people if they had a Bible they showed us a Psalter or a prayer book. Often, because of the Romanian religious leaders, people don`t have access to the Word of God. We believe that offering a man a Bible is one of the greatest evangelizing methods possible. In most places, we organized for 3 consecutive evenings, public services where we sang, preached and prayed. Our mission team members had special experiences with God and testified at our meetings that they had been baptized with the Holy Spirit, had received spiritual gifts or a special courage to preach the Gospel. We also encountered obstacles from local orthodox priests. In a village, for example, the priest ran the church bells and held a service (although the church was empty) just to disturb our service. In another village, another priest rounded up dozens of people holding flags, icons and came to disturb our meeting and curse us. But our Lord triumphed and some of the people that initially joined him, stayed at out evangelizing service. As a result of this campaign, approximately 3000 people came in direct contact with the Gospel. In the end, we opened mission points in Blăjenii de Jos, Blăjenii de Sus, Bidiu, Șieu Sfântul, Ciceu Mihăiești și Tîrlișua and we are continuing our ministry in these places every week.