There are in Bulgaria around 70 villages that have a Romanian speaking population. Although this Romanian population is scattered around the country, most of them live in the Vidin area. Despite the fact they are suffering great discrimination, they still love their home country and talk very enthusiastically about the country they were part of until the Second World War. Economically speaking, the situation is pretty bad and poverty can be seen all over the country.

Religiously speaking, Bulgaria is one of the countries with the fastest spiritual and religious decay in Europe. Although orthodoxy is their national and official religious cult, a lot of churches are being closed and just a few people attend church. Evangelical Christians are very few. The Holy Spirit moved us to win these people for Christ. At the end of June, we organized an evangelizing campaign in a few Romanian and Bulgarian villages in the Vidin area. Our public meetings were attended by lots of people. In certain villages, this kind of meetings was a first. The locals greeted us very warmly and attended in great numbers. The local officials were very hospitable as well and they even prepared food for us at the end of the service. The Holy Spirit touched the lives of many and most of the participants answered the invitation to follow Christ. Our vision for that area is to send out missionaries to plant and form churches full of the Holy Spirit so that the work we began may have continuity.