In October 20th-24th 2016, we started our fifth evangelizing campaign of the year accompanied by a group of approximately 35 young people from Romania. We evangelized Calafat City in Dolj County, a place where over 17.000 people live in spiritual darkness without the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. God used and guided our mission team members in a special way to respond to the spiritual needs of the people they approached on the streets. Many of these people had unanswered questions or nobody to ask them to. For example, a young man said he doesn`t believe in the afterlife because his psychologist told him there is no such a thing. Our mission team told him that even Psychology teaches that the human being has an eternal soul and read to him from the Bible about the places where people will spend their eternity. His heart and mind were touched by the Gospel. We evangelized hundreds of the people on the streets or in their homes and handed out New Testaments, books and CDs. We rented a place to held evangelizing programs and church services but just a few people attended our evening evangelizing services. Despite this, we believe that the seed was planted and watered and we are now just waiting for it to grow. We are convinced that God will touch this city and a living church will be planted here where people will be able to find salvation. Our ministry continues there through Alin Igant, a Holy Fire Ministries Missionary that moved there with his family this fall. He will be helped by young students from the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest every week. We thank those who have prayed, fasted and donated money so that this mission could be realized.