Dolj County is another poorly evangelized county in Romania. With a population of over 700.000 people, only around 2000 are evangelical Christians. Among its 383 settlements, 343 are without a Pentecostal church. With the help of God, in June 22nd-29th, we organized evangelizing projects in the following places: Rasnic, Cornita, Pluta, Racoviteni, Argetoaia, Valea Fantanilor, Cernatesti, Cotofenii din Dos, Novacu, Tantaru, Salcia, Bralostita, all of these situated in the area of Filiasi City. We returned in July 20th-27th with a mission team of over 80 persons and evangelized Calafat, Galicea Mare, Desa, Ghidici, Seaca de Camp, Tunarii Vechi, Pisculet, Horezu Poenari, Piscu Vechi, Piscu Nou, Cetate, Caraula, Motatei, all these in the area of Calafat City. In August 3rd-10th, with a team of over 40 people we evangelized Sadova, Piscul Sadovei, Gangiova, Filiasi, Racarii de Sus, all in the area of Filiasi City and Bechet. We stayed 3 days in every place and put an emphasis on person to person evangelizing. Every evening, we held public evangelizing services and preached the Gospel, worshiped, testified and prayed for new converts. An important part of our ministry here consisted of Sunday school meetings with children and distribution of Christian literature. Beyond all of these, the power of God was at work and many were touched and transformed by the Holy Spirit. We estimated that, as a result of our evangelizing campaign, more than 10.000 people came in direct contact with the Gospel and 6 new churches were planted in villages that didn`t had a church until them. These villages are Rasnic, Salcia, Desa, Seaca de Camp, Galicea Mare and Racoviteni, places were our ministry continues.