After the Second World War, a part of the region of Maramures was surrendered to the Soviet Union. The inhabitants of this region kept their Romanian language but also borrowed a lot of Russian words. Over 40000 Romanians live today in the following villages:  Strâmtura, Topcino, Apsa de Jos, Apsa de Mijloc, Slatina, Biserica Alba and Plaiut and all of them are situated in the Teacev district in the TransCarpathian region. Most of the Romanians living in this area have prospered, financially speaking, but are very poorly, spiritually speaking. The most influential and developed cults are the orthodox cult and the Jehovah Witness cult. In August 2008, missionary Florin Pop came and settled here as a missionary in Stramtura village. In early 2009, Emanuel Fedur joined him so the two formed a mission team and started evangelizing the area. They focused on personal evangelizing and home bible study meetings. They also organized a lot of outdoor and indoor public evangelizing services, ministering together with mission groups from around the world, Bible students and preachers. They were spreading the Word of God everywhere they went so soon the whole area heard about the Gospel. You could find them in the market, buses, streets and they were always preaching the gospel. The power of God was accompanying their work so some people were miraculously healed or delivered as a result of their prayers. God moved the lives of many people, some of them experiencing supernatural manifestations. In the summer of 2010, they started to build a prayer meeting house that was designed to function as a mission centre as well. With God`s supervision and help and the help of many brothers and sisters around the world, the building was finished by the fall of 2012. The work of the two missionaries in that area ended there and then but it was carried on by other people.