For this summer, I sensed the call of God to evangelize Harghita County, so I marked on the map the following places: Borsec, Rastolita, Vosloveni, Sarmas, Balan, Ciucsingeorgiu. For a week, , we preached the Word of Life to many people in these settlements. We were accompanied by a mission team of 70 young people and we spent 3 days in every place. Because Harghita County is predominantly Hungarian, we formed a mixed team from Romanian as well as Hungarian Christians. Our sermons and worship songs were in both languages. During this week, approximately 2000 persons came in contact with the Gospel. The power of God was upon us and the places we visited. A lot of people were open to the Word and attended our programs. In Ciucsingeorgiu village, there was a gipsy community that had been transformed by the power of God and had a good testimony from the community and the officials. Despite this good testimony, they were very poor, the Lord being their biggest treasure. We handed out hundreds of New Testaments, CDs and books. These villages had very small Christian communities so this event was a big encouragement and joy for them.