Children from Namibia singing in Romanian

The Bible says that the Gospel must be preached till the ends of the earth and then will the end come. Mathew 24:14. In November 2012, we reached one of the ends of the earth, more exactly, in northern Namibia, at the Bushmen tribe. Working together with evangelists Steve H. and Cornel C., in a month’s time evangelized more than 30 villages. In most of these villages, the gospel was never preached and people have never seen a Bible. I will never forget the people`s tears when they heard for the first time of heaven, a place with no hunger, no sickness and no lack of clothes, problems which they encounter daily. Most of them are hungry and endure great sickness because they have no doctors or pharmacies and some of them haven`t changed their outfit in years because of their lack of clothes. These people live a very tough life. Most of them have never seen bread. They eat what they can pick out of the bushes and what they can hunt with their bow or spear. They start the fire with two wooden sticks because they don`t know about matches. Their huts don`t have a lot of things in them. Some of them don`t even have doors. Most of them are illiterate because in some villages, the schools have been abandoned by teachers that found it hard to live in the jungle. Everyone that heard the Gospel received it with great joy and over 3000 people repented. After the sermon, we taught them a few worship songs in English, how to pray and live holy lives. In some villages, we left behind New Testaments in English and Afrikans because they don`t have a written language or a Bible translation in their own language. At the end of the services, we prayed for the sick and gave them the chance to testify how God touched them. The power of God healed many sick people and many of them were delivered from demonic possession. We saw how during the prayers, many on them started to tremble as we laid our hands on them, some started shouting or fall down, these being signs of spiritual deliverance. Many confessed after the prayer, that they were relieved and released from demonic possession. We gave every family household things and food like sugar, corn, oil, flower, tea, macaroni etc. What we gave them probably lasted them just a few days but considering the famine and the food they ate, it was probably seen by many as a miracle from God. In this tribe, there are still dozens of villages that need the Gospel and a piece of bread, a pair of slippers or a coat, just ordinary things that modern people throw away.