Negru Voda City is a city in Constanta County and home to nearly 5000 people. Negru Voda City is marked on the Romanian Pentecostal Church Map as having a church, but unfortunately, there isn`t any evangelical church in this town. There are some Pentecostal believers but they attend a church in a village nearby. Because we were challenged by the pastor of Speranta Pentecostal Church in Mangalia to start an evangelizing campaign in Negru Voda, we accepted, and in June 6th-10th, accompanied by approximately 30 volunteers, we began our work. We preached the Word to hundreds of people and the whole town knew about our mission. We had people attending our services every evening and some of them committed their life to God. We distributed around 500 Bibles to people that have never owned or read the Bible. The local priests started bullying us and our ministry. One day, a priest stopped and said to one of our mission team that had just evangelized and given Bibles to a group of boys: ,,Poison! You are giving these people poison!“ What darkness must it be in this priests heart to say that the Bible is poison. Millions of people are in this kind of spiritual darkness. Our organization rented a place downtown and started planting a functional Pentecostal Church there. Thank God that the people in Negru Voda City will see the light of Christ and His sweet salvation! Our job is to preach the Word and to give the people Bibles to read for themselves.