Podul Iloaiei City is an unevangelized city. Approximately 9.500 people live far away from the truth of the Gospel. With God`s help, in May, we rented a place in the town`s centre and started weekly service meetings with the help of a family of missionaries that lived there. From May 30th-June 3rd, we organized an evangelizing campaign accompanied by 40 young volunteers.

We preached the Word of God to a few hundreds and distributed 600 Bibles. The orthodox and catholic priests were very furious and bothered by our mission and bullied our team members every day, asking them to stop evangelizing and leave town. One of the priests hit two of our team members in the head and clutched another one so hard that he left marks. They turned the people against us but we told them we are not leaving. As a result of our evangelizing campaign, several people committed their life to God and started attending our weekly services. We started Sunday school meetings with children and our missionaries are giving their best to make this ministry work.