In August 1st-6th, accompanied by a team of 60 volunteers we evangelized Targu Frumos City in Iasi County. Because of the fact there wasn`t any evangelical church in the area, we found it very hard to obtain a public space for our evangelizing services. We finally succeeded to rent a public space but only through political means and efforts. We rented the city`s House of Culture and held evangelizing services every evening. We talked to people on the streets under the pretext of a survey and we managed to reach and talk to over 1000 people.The whole city heard about us and our evening services. We focused on evangelizing people on the street and in their home. We set up a book stand in the town`s market place and distributed Bibles, CDs and books. We also sang and preached the Gospel from our stand. A lot of people stopped and asked us questions or requested a Bible. Many of them found it hard to believe we were giving away Bibles for free. We distributed approximately 600 Bibles. The local police gave us a fine because they said our posters were exaggerated. Every evening, a few dozen people attended our services. God worked wonderfully and as a result of our evangelizing campaign we opened here a mission point that we are ministering on a weekly basis. A few people attend our services weekly. Our work is continued by our brother, Radu Budeanu, who ministers in Targu Frumos City as a Holy Fire Ministries missionary.