With the help of God, we managed to organize an evangelizing campaign in Telorman County, one of the least evangelized counties in Romania. Only 10 Pentecostal churches can be found in this whole county. Accompanied by 30 young people from Klagenfourt and Beclean, in July 24th-27th, we walked the streets of Alexandria City, preaching the Word to the people we encountered. Doing so, we succeeded to approach over 1300 people. We also put up promotional tents in very busy areas of the city and stopped people on the streets and evangelized them under the pretext of a survey. Most of the people were open and receptive. We prayed for them and for their special needs. In the evening, we held public evangelizing programs in the central park of the city and hundreds of people attended. A lot of these people told us that they have never seen something like this. We handed out around 500 CDs with worship and sermons and hundreds of Bibles and New Testaments. The young people that accompanied us in this mission also had a lot of wonderful experiences.