Evangelistic project in Dolj County (Romania)

In Dolj County live 670000 people and 2000 of them are Pentecostal believers. There are 383 places such as villages and cities and only 40 of them have a Pentecostal church. Most of the people that live in this county are far away from God and His Word and live in a deep spiritual darkness. This is the reason we are interested in going there and getting involved in spreading the Gospel among these people.

DoljWe recently had a meeting with pastors that serve God in this county and the conclusion of our gathering was the idea of an evangelistic project that will include both the places where there are no Pentecostal believers and also the places where the Pentecostal community is a small one.

This project will begin in 2015 and will include 3 steps. The first step is the one in which our team will be divided in groups of two and each of these groups will go in every house to tell people about the faith in God and the salvation in Christ. We also intend to give people Christian  materials. The second step will be the evening sermons that will be organized as evangelistic meetings with Christian music, testimonies and short messages from Bible. We also intend to organize special activities for children. These public meetings will take place during a few days in every place we go. In those places where there are no believers we intend to encourage the beginning of new churches. The third step will be the one in which, together with local pastors, we intend to choose new spiritual workers that will be able to continue and grow the work that we will start there. We also want to assure their financial support which is an important need of our project.

As a result of our prayers, we received from God this project and we believe that, according to Jesus’ Great Commission, this should be our main goal in life. If God leads you in the same way, we are more than grateful to welcome you as a part of this project. You can offer spiritual support (prayers and fast), material support (financial donations) or physical support by coming with us on the field. Whatever your option is, we thank you and we are waiting for you to contact us.

May God bless you!