God comes where He is called!

Domnul vine acolo unde este chemat!

In January 2014 I arrived for the second time in the bushman village Bense in Namibia. We held there a meeting and invited the locals to learn a few songs in English, Romanian and Khoe, their native language. The people were very touched by God and kept singing the songs in their huts late into the night. In the morning, the whole village, about 150 people, came to our evangelizing meeting. The Lord guided me to preach a message from Mathew 27:17 called Jesus or Barabbas – The supreme choice. In this village I encountered only two people that knew how to read and a young man that had a New Testament but didn`t know how to read it. So none of the local people have ever read the Bible or went to church. During my message they were all listening very carefully to the word of God. At the end of the message, they all expressed their desire to follow Jesus so I invited them to a public prayer to express their desire to God. During the prayer something very impressive happened. The Holy Spirit came upon them just like in the time of the apostles, including children and old people, and they started to cry and tremble with their hands lifted up to heavens. They were under the power of the Spirit for a half hour. After the prayer, somebody started singing Jesus ma chere mi and the power of the Spirit continued to remain upon them for several minutes. Before we left, I gave a man called Peter, a New Testament and encouraged all of them to learn to read and have weekly meetings with the whole village to read from the Bible and pray and sing. In many villages the people continued to gather around for worship.