God comes where is called

God comes where is called One evening in January 2014 we arrived for a second time in Bushmen village Bense in Namibia. We had a gathering in there and we taught the locals a few songs in English, Romanian and Khoe, their native language. People were touched by the power of God and continued to sing these newly learnt songs in their huts late in the night. In the morning, the whole village, which means 150 souls, was there at the meeting that we organized. God inspired me to preach a message from Matthew 27:17 entitled “The supreme choice: Jesus or Barrabas”. In this village we met only two people that could read and only one young man that had a New Testament but who could not read, so no one among the locals knew anything from the Bible and never went to a church. During the preaching, they were all very attentive and when I finished, all of them decided to follow Jesus. I invited them to pray and speak to God. During this moment of prayer, we were very surprised of what happened to them. They prayed and Holy Ghost came among them and they all started to tremble and to raise hands to God. This lasted like a half an hour and after that someone started to sing ‘Iesus ma chere mi’ and the power of Holy Ghost remained with us. Before leaving, we gave a New Testament to a man called Peter encouraging him to learn youth to read and to call all people from village to listen the God’s Word, to pray and to sing. In many villages people continued to gather and praise God!