Harghita county is one of the „poorest” area speaking from a spiritual point of view. Following the invitation of the only pentecostal pastor in the county, between 11st-15th of June, we organized evangelistic events in places such as Tulghes, Bilbor, Rastolita and Borsec. Due to the fact that the population here is both Romanian and Hungarian, a part of our team was made of people who speak Hungarian. We used here for the first time the so-called „evangelisation through polls” and the results were encouriging. Many people were open to our message when we met them on the street or at their homes, in this way we were able to share the Gospel. We distributed flyers both in Romanian and Hungarian, CDs and New Testaments. In that period, the pupils ended school term so we met them and gave them hundreds of New Testaments. Many of the people that received a New Testament did not have one before. Hundreds of people that never heard the Gospel could face its truth for the first time. Every evening, people attended our meetings where God’s name was lifted high.