I want to know more about God!

“I want to know more about God!” These were the words of the young name Johnnes from the Bloberg village, Namibia. In the evangelistic campaign that we organized in January 2014 in the Bushmen villages where naro is the spoken language, we met this young man and we invited him to be our translator in that region. He joyfully accepted and for an entire week he translated in every place we preached. During this time we wanted to give special attention to his soul and he received God’s Word with great joy. We offered him a New Testament and he began to read it daily. At the end of the month we visited the village again and he welcomed us saying: “My life has changed and I want to know more about God!” He told us that after we left, he started reading the Bible and praying every day. Then, every week, he invites his neighbors and friends under a tree where they pray, sing and read the Bible. Talking to him, he had lots of questions about God and faith and we realized that his life was really changed.