During the period of 8th-12nd of July we were involved in an evangelistic project that was hardly an easy one. We focused our attention on Mircesti and Iugani, places where people are religios, but not born-again. Our team visited people at their homes, talking about salvation in Christ, but we discovered that very few read the Bible. We asked them about not reading the Bible and they said that for them what is read on Sundays in church is more than enough. None of these people had a relationship with God, but they believe that they are good christians. Some of them believe that they will go in heaven due to their good deeds. A woman even told us that she has all the rights to go to heaven because she raised ten children and she had a hard life on this earth. We were really astonished to learn what ideas these people have about life and death. Our fight was a spiritual one against the deamons that were present there. The truth of the Gospel entered very hard in people’s lives. We paid visits to most of the people there and we gave them New Testaments, CDs and other materials with christian content. We also had some evening meetings with people and the locals attended. They were quite excited because they were for the first time at such events. Our prayer is that, one day, true churches with true believers be founded in these places where people should actually experiment salvation in Christ.