Our mission in Iasi County lasted from July 8th-12th and wasn`t one of the easiest missions we had. We focused our attention on Mircesti and Iugani villages. The people in these places are very religious and traditional Christians but without having any real born again experience. We started walking, talking and sharing the Gospel to people on the streets and in their homes. We discovered that a few of them actually read the Bible. The reason for this is that they consider that Sunday Bible reading at church is enough. We realized that although none of these people have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they consider themselves Christians. Some of them thought they are going to heaven because of their good deeds or their hard life. A woman told us she is going to heaven because she had a hard life and raised ten children. We were surprised by the unbiblical ideas these people had. We felt the spiritual combat we were in, spiritually and physically, and we were fighting the demons that were dominating over this region. With great difficulty managed the truth of God to penetrate into their lives. Most of these people were visited in their home by our mission teams and received hundreds of New Testaments, CDs and other evangelistic materials. We organized evangelizing public services and the participants confessed that although they were for the first time to such meetings they were very excited. We pray that churches would be planted in these settlements and people would experience true salvation.