In the period of August 13-19 we organized an evangelistic campaign in places that have no evangelical churches and in the county of Maramures where there is a small presence of evangelical Christians. In the 9 places where evangelism took place, hundreds of people were present and 150 were confronted with the Gospel for the first time. The evangelistic campaigns took place in the open air so we estimate that many more people heard the Gospel. Villages like Slătioara, Hoteni, Piatra, Mănăstire do not have any evangelical churches. The campaigns were organized by Holy Fire Ministries and the musical program was offered by young students that are part of the Eldad Mission. Many from the villages were touched by the Gospel, most meetings being concluded with prayer for different needs and a variety of sicknesses. The power of the Holy Spirit was present in the lives of many. The Devil however did not remain silent as we encountered many obstacles along the way. For example, in Rohia, for two hours the Orthodox Church ranged its bells and in the end our evangelistic meeting came to a halt due a group of monks from the monastery. Thankfully for us, we were towards the end of our meeting. The hearts of those present were moved and made ready for the great harvest that we invite you to join in. This evangelistic campaign is the beginning of many more to come!