There are many villages in historical Maramures where there are no new-born Christians and there was not even one evangelistic meeting. We want to pay more attention on such villages desiring to conquer them for Christ. In Pentecostal church in Berbesti there is one sister from Slatioara who said that she prays for 60 years now that an evangelical church be built in her village. She has lots of friends that are Jehova’s witnesses and she wanted to pay them a visit. In 2011, I went with her at their meeting and they were very friendly, they even gave me the opportunity to preach. After the meeting, we departed in a friendly mood. Last year, I went to Slatioara in a preaching campaign. In a meeting that took place in the school’s building, a man came to me and confessed that he was part of Jehova’s witnesses community for years but he met God only the day I preached in 2011. He started to attend a Pentecostal church in next village. This brother in Christ rented a house where he is now meeting with other people from the village every week to pray and study Bible. This year, a few people were baptized as a result of this beautiful work. We give glory to God for such blessings! That is how the Pentecostal movement in Slatioara begun.

This year, during the campaign we organized in June in five places in Maramures, we had a meeting in Slatioara and two people decided to receive Jesus in their lives and asked to be baptized. In Budesti and Sat Sugatag, we organized two meetings that gathered together lots of people who were able to hear the gospel. In Budesti, the mayor (a good friend of the orthodox priest) did not want to rent us the Cultural Hall, but this could not stop us to organize the meeting. God guided us and we were welcomed in a house yard. With our team, we went in each house preaching God’s Word and plenty of people received our message. At the public meeting, came lots of people who were touched by the message and asked us to come back and visit them again. In Sat Sugatag we did the same thing and many people were receptive and received God’s Word with joy. At the public evangelistic event, 150 people were touched by God’s power. At these meetings we also distributed Christian literature. May God prepare workers for these places!