Maramures is known as a very prosperous county from a financial point of view and due to its geographical position, but when it comes about spiritual experiences it’s quite the opposite. People living there  believe in traditions and superstitions and have nothing to do with biblical Christianity. We know that only through the preaching of God’s Word and trying to experience it daily one can achieve true happiness and fulfillment.  Believing this, during the 15th-20th of July we tried to go in some villages there. Accompanied by a group of teenagers from “Betleem” church in Beclean and some from a few other churches, we went to people at their homes in groups of two to share them the truth of Gospel that could change their lives. In the evenings, we invited them to a public meeting were we sang Christian songs and we preached God’s Word. We are happy that during this period we met hundreds of people from villages as Berbesti, Hodeni, Sat Sugatag and Budesti. We also offered them Bibles, New Testaments, books and CDs with Christian music. The members of our team felt blessed in these days and experienced the joy of working for God’s Kingdom.