Despite the fact that the region of Maramures is well of economically and geographically speaking, spiritually is not doing so well. The people here are very influenced by different traditions and superstitions that have nothing to do with biblical Christianity. This is important because we know that only through a correct preaching and practice can people`s lives be filled with the true happiness. Motivated and provoked by this principle, we decided to linger once again in a few of these settlements in this renowned part of the country. This happened from July 16th-20th.. Accompanied by some young people from Bethlehem Pentecostal Church in Beclean and many others, we went two by two around people`s houses and shared with them the life changing Gospel of God. In the evenings, we organized public evangelizing programs with Christian worship and sermons. Hundreds of people attended, coming from the nearby villages: Berbesti, Hoteni, Sat Sugatag and Budesti. We handed out Bibles, New Testaments, CDs and books. All of our mission team members enjoyed beautiful and special experiences.