photo-1.JPGThe Kingdom of Bhutan is a country in Asia settled at the eastern side of Himalaya Mountains, near China and India; a country that has 700.000 inhabitants. The official religion here is buddhism, while Christian faith is prosecuted. Since 2007 there were no missionaries in this country. A young christian named Senti, who was from a country near Bhutan, heard the call of God and since 2006 worked as a missionary there. He prayed several years that God give him an opportunity to go in this country to spread the Gospel. After finishing his theological studies, he met a young bhutanese girl, who was also christian, whom he married in 2012. To enter in the Kingdom of Bhutan, every visitor has to pay a fee of 200 dolars per day. God worked wonderful through their marriage because in this way Senti received a legal right to stay there without paying any fee. Senti’s wife, Dema, is involved in a project that is focused on translating the Bible in the language that is used the most in the country: Tshangla. Together, the couple tell the young people about God using physical education and music. Holy Fire Ministries provides this family financial support since 2014.