The 3000 inhabitants of Scumpia village from Moldavia Republic have never heard the Gospel so this was a real challenge for us. When we went there for the first time in 2006, we found 4 Christian women and a prayer house that was ransacked several times by local people angry on the evangelical Christians. Every mission we held there consisted of outdoor public evangelizing meetings, personal evangelizing, street evangelizing, walking and talking to people on the fields, in stores, clubs and practically every place we met somebody. We offered people Bibles and New Testaments because a lot of them didn`t have the Word of God in their home. Among the volunteers of this mission, we had a lot of Theology students from the Pentecostal Theology Faculty in Bucharest and other young people that ministered through worship and preaching. When our work began to grow, some of the locals, influenced by the orthodox priests, began to persecute us. We thanked and honored God for these persecutions and rejoiced we were found worthy to suffer for His Name. As a result of our evangelizing campaigns, a lot of people heard the Word of God and some of them experienced the supernatural presence of God and had supernatural experiences. We prayed for the sick and for people with different problems and God worked wonderfully through His power. For example, one day we prayed for a Christian woman that didn`t know anything about her son for more than 2 years and a few days later, her son called her from Russia telling her that he is ok. Today, through God`s grace, our work in that area is continued through the ministry of the Spanu family.