The region of Scumpia from the Republic of Moldova has become a real challenge for us since over 3000 habitants have never heard the Gospel. Here we found four sisters in the faith and a small prayer house which was devastated by some local group. In the eight visits that we made we organized evangelistic visits from person to person, from house to house, in the open air, in stores, in clubs and every other place we thought of. We offered a bible and many new testaments because most of them had no written Scripture in their houses. In this work we witnessed amazing things. We prayed for the sick and they were healed. In another instance, we prayed for a woman that lost trace of her son for two years, and after a couple of days of prayer, he called and assured her that everything was okay.

In a hot dry summer as we were calling people to repent and believe in Jesus, some local families asked us to pray for rain, which for them would become a sign that we are God’s ambassadors. At the end of our evangelistic mission we prayed for rain and as soon as we concluded raindrops began falling. In Scumpia people started believing in Christ but as always with every blessing there comes a price we pay. Some of those who were involved in our mission were severely beaten and ridiculed; nonetheless we did not give up. Today by God’s grace and as a result of our efforts there is a great ministry running there.