In every Christian’s mind has to sound loud the words of Jesus Christ: “Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to every creature!” Motivated by these words, on 10th of December we went again on the African continent and for two months we did what Jesus taught us to do. During this period, we visited dozens of villages inhabited by Bushmen, the poorest people in Namibia. We went in some of their villages where Khoe language is spoken. For a period of time we were established at Kalahari New Hope center where Pater family works and we also helped them in the churches they founded in villages. We met with the people that are preparing to be baptized.

Most of the time we spent there we lived in a tent feeding ourselves with instant soup, cereals and milk with rice. Almost all of the villages we visited in 2012 were never visited again by a preacher or missioner until now. The locals welcomed us and joyfully listen to our preaching. Holy Ghost created a great revival in many villages and we were very happy to be part of such a great work. Men and women, old and young – all were touched by the power of God and we could see tears of repentance in their eyes and also the joy that Holy Ghost brings in forgiven hearts. These were precious moments that we will never forget. In some villages, people told us that after our visits they gather together praising God, praying and reading the Bible.

Before Christmas, we could see people looking for something on the ground and we went near them finding out that they collect caterpillars, that appear after rain. Another day, a turtle that we found was a delicious meal for a family. In every village we visited, we gave people food supplies such as corn, sugar, rice, pasta, tea, oil and some detergent. Eventually, we offered them most of our clothes. A vital problem is the lack of food and clothes. In their huts they do not have beds or blankets and this becomes a serious problem during winter. In every village we organized meetings where the main purpose was preaching the Gospel and we gave people who could read New Testaments in English and Afrikaans. Dozens of people received God’s Word and this was a huge joy for all of us.