The words of our Lord Jesus: ,,Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!“ must resound in every Christian`s mind louder and stronger. Motivated by this command, in December 10th we stepped once again on the African continent and for a period of two months we did what Jesus taught us to do. During this time, we visited dozens of villages of the bushmen tribe, Namibia`s poorest inhabitants. Once again, we visited these khoe language speaking villages. For a period, we stayed at the Kalahari New Hope Base, the place and home of the Pater family and helped them with their ministry in their village churches and held a few meetings with baptisms candidates.

Our longest period was spent in tents, travelling from village to village and our food was instant soup, cereals and rice with milk. Most of the villages we had visited in 2012, hadn`t been visited by any preacher or missionary until our return there. The locals received us with great joy and listened to the Word of God with even more passion. The Holy Spirit started a great spiritual revival in a lot of these villages and that made us very glad. We saw children and old people touched by the power of the Holy Spirit, praying passionate with tears in their eyes because of their true repentance. We experienced very uplifting and emotional moments of joy in the Holy Spirit. In some villages, the locals told us that as a result of our last visit, they had started church meetings to pray, sing and read from the Bible.

Around Christmas time, I saw dozens of people picking something in the fields. When I approached them, I realized they were picking a sort of caterpillars that appear only after the rain. Another day, as I was walking on a road, I saw a big turtle which I gave the family in the village we spent the night. They cooked it and its meat was quite a delicacy for them. In every village, we handed out food like corn, sugar, rice, macaroni, tea, oil, detergent and finally, even our own clothes. Their biggest problems are lack of food and clothes. They don`t have beds or blankets in their huts so winter time is extremely difficult for them. We held one or more evangelizing and discipleship meetings in every village and gave those who knew how to read New Testaments in English and Afrikans. Dozens of them received the Word of God and were touched by the healing power of God. Many confessed healing as a result of our prayers in the Name of Jesus and that brought us great joy. Halleluiah!