In January, during a few weeks, we organized a preaching campaign in some Bushmen villages near a city named Gobabes. In most of these villages nobody went to preach and there is not even one church. We had to face there a great spiritual opposition to God’s Word due to the fact that Satan keeps people there in alcoholism, ignorance and immorality. People know about Jesus Christ but they do nothing to follow Him. When we started preaching many of them realized that they live in a spiritual darkness.

Bushmen there live in huts and they have to face the lack of food and clothes. We could not go passive near their needs so we offered them food supplies. The fact that we managed to care for them brought for all of us a great joy. Most of them do not know how to read, but we could not let this be an impediment in our work. We managed to buy Audio Bibles in naro their language and we offered them in our meetings, while to those who could read we gave New Testaments. In  Fermanauk, a village, we were warmly welcomed by the leaders of pentecostal churches and for a couple of days we shared God’s Word with their community offering them Bibles in audio format and written New Testaments. We also visited villages nearby accompanied by the pentecostal pastors.