In January, for a period of several weeks, we evangelized several bushman villages in the area of Gobabes City. These villages were unevangelized and without any churches. We encountered a great spiritual opposition because the people were bound by Satan in alcoholism, immorality and indifference. They knew about Jesus but didn`t want to live for Him. When we started to preach the Gospel, many of them realized the spiritual darkness they were living in. These bushman tribes live their lives in tin huts and are very poor. Their lack of clothes and food is a common problem. We couldn`t walk by careless so we, with great joy, offered them food supplies. They were all very glad. Most of them didn`t know how to read. We managed to buy the Audio Version of the Bible in naro language, their language, and offered them for free at our meetings. Those who knew how to read received New Testaments. The leaders of the Pentecostal Church in Fermanauk village welcomed us and for a few days period, we shared the church there the Word of God and offered them audio Bibles and New Testaments as well. Accompanied by the church pastors we visited and evangelized other villages.