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[dopaccordion title=”I. HOLY FIRE MINISTRIES EVANGELIZING CAMPAIGN” icon=29 activeicon=30]

What does our evangelizing campaigns consist of?


1. Street evangelizing

The volunteers will be in groups of two and will interact with people on the street or in their home, asking them three questions under the form of a survey. Everywhere we used this method people have been very open and answered the challenge. As a thanks to his cooperation, the person will be given a CD containing songs and sermons, a New Testament and an invitation to the public evangelizing meeting that will take place there.

2. Public evangelizing meetings

For a period of three days, we will have public evangelizing meetings in every place. The volunteers can minister at this public meeting through worship, testimonies, prayer and counseling. The group leader will preach the Gospel. Every missionary team will be formed from 10 to 30 volunteers.

3. Children meetings

At every evening public service, we will have special evangelizing programs for children. O part of the missionary team will be especially involved in this ministry.

4. Prayer team

Every day, a part of the missionary team will have a prayer tour that consists of walking the streets and praying that the kingdom of God will come in that place and multitudes of people will repent. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, any satanic activity is bound and limited. This prayer team will also gather for prayer every night during the public service.

Who can join the Holy Fire Ministries evangelizing campaign?


1. Young people, boys and girl with ages between 16 and 37 years old. If you are under 18, you will need your parents` approval.

2. Everyone who wants to participate has to complete our registration form. You will also have to bring a letter or recommendation from you pastor or your youth leader and if you are under 18, from your parents. Without these recommendations, you will not be accepted in our missions.

  1. In order to be part of this project you have to have had a personal conversion experience and a good testimony in your community.
  2. This projects also need young people with passion for Christ and saving lost souls.

How long can I be part of the Holy Fire Ministries evangelizing campaigns?

  1. Every evangelizing campaign lasts between 4 and 6 days. Every volunteer has to commit fully and on the full period of the campaign. Every team will have a public evangelizing meeting every day.
  2. Since we annually have several evangelizing campaigns those that wish to, can join every one of these campaigns.

What do I have to know if this is the first time I want to become part of this kind of project?

  1. Every morning you will have Bible reading devotional time and prayer meetings with the whole team.
  2. During the first two days, the leaders will teach courses, seminaries and evangelizing strategies.
  3. Every participant has to be dressed decent and appropriate. During our missions, boys and girl aren’t allowed to wear short pants. This will be permitted only outside our mission program. When on the streets, girls will have to wear skirts. You outfit must be a Sunday church outfit but comfortable and suited for long walks. Because of the rain, you should pack a small umbrella.
  4. Your baggage must contain things needs for personal hygiene like a towel, shampoo, tooth paste etc.
  5. You should also have a bag suited for carrying evangelizing materials useful on the streets like CDs, brochures, New Testaments etc. For the survey, you will need pen and paper.
  6. If you are good at singing at a certain musical instrument, and it is easy to carry on, you can take it with you during your mission.

What are the costs implied for a mission that last a week?

  1. Every volunteer must cover their own transport, food and accommodation costs. You can estimate for yourself these cost. From our experience, the costs for a week are approximately 400 RON/person, this including accommodation, food and transport.
  2. If you would like to participate but you have a low budget, Holy Fire Ministries will support you financially so you can participate. We mention that this option is available only for young people that are living in Romania.
  3. Every participant will be wearing the Holy Fire Ministries t-shirt that he can purchase before the start of the mission.
  4. Food and accommodations will be organized by Holy Fire Ministries. If you live in the area of Beclean City (home to Holy Fire Ministries headquarters) you will benefit of free transportation.

What are the periods and locations where you will organize your Holy Fire evangelizing campaigns?

When can I sign up for the evangelizing campaigns?

Every participant must register and send their application form at least 15 days prior to the start of the evangelizing campaign.

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[dopaccordion title=”II. PRINTING AND DISTRIBUTING CHRISTIAN MATERIALS” icon=29 activeicon=30]

During our evangelizing campaigns we produce a substantial amount of Christian materials like CDs with music, sermons etc., materials we give free of charge in our missions. We also print books and brochures. We sometimes buy or receive as a donation other Christian materials which we use in our campaigns like Bibles, books, brochures, CDs, materials, also handed out free of charge to people.

[dopaccordion title=”III. SUPORTING FINNACIALY OUR MISIONARIES” icon=29 activeicon=30]

After our evangelizing campaigns, we try to plant a church or help develop the existent church in the area. In order to do this we leave behind a missionary that can help the new converts. These missionaries are employed and supported financially by us. If you want to financially support a Holy Fire Missionary on a monthly basis, partially or fully, please contact us.