The deliverance of Mariana

Mariana’s life changed drastically after her father’s death. A great fear filled her mind meditating at the fact that her father went to hell, since he did not die from a natural cause; it was a premeditated death. She was shocked at the way her father passed way and consequently something in her heart did not give her peace anymore. She was stressed and worried. She experienced insomnia and different crises. Her life was marked often with suicidal thoughts. She was hospitalized and treated numerous times without any success. Her life and implicitly her family’s life were slowly disintegrating. In February 2012 her local church organized a week of evangelism having evangelist Florin Pop as the main speaker. In the last service when Florin preached Mariana and others requested prayer with the laying of hands. Those that came forward related their spiritual and/or physical need and the evangelist prayed. Towards the end, Mariana stepped forward and she asked if she could be delivered from demonic oppression that has been attacking her for the last six years. As soon as the evangelist prayed and laid his hands on her head rebuking any unclean spirit, Mariana fell down in a state of unconsciousness. As the prayer of deliverance was being spoken one unclean spirit after another began to leave her body manifesting very strangely through Mariana. A group that attended the meeting left scared not knowing what is going on. The prayer did not last more than ten minutes, and in this time the Holy Spirit healed her completely. Today she is a testimony of the healing power of Jesus.