The dream of an old lady Axenia

While we were missionaries in Ukraine, preaching the gospel from house to house, holding bible studies in homes, we regularly visited a 77 year old lady by the name of Axenia Dada. She used to ring the bell in the Orthodox Church in the Glibokii Potik village. Her joy was great every time we were able to meet in her home. Since she was illiterate we bought her a cd-player, gave her cds that contained an audio bible and many songs and sermons. One day she exclaimed: “I really like coming at your church, especially to hear how you pray, sing and preach. I would like to know if I need to repent and be baptized here.” Reflecting on her question, we told her to pray so that she may receive guidance from the Lord Jesus because it was only Him that could convince her. A week later we went back to her house and asked if she had received an answer from the Lord. Her reply was negative. Another week passed. Same answer. For three weeks we decided to leave her alone. One evening, after the service, as we were coming back from the mountains, we saw the light on in her home and after a quick second of hesitation we decided to visit her. As soon as we walked in she met us with these words: “I knew that today you would visit me.” She went on relating her dream of the supernatural revelation she had received that we would visit her that day. Her daughter-in-law did not believe the dream. Upon the fulfillment of her dream we were all joyful. Later on, she continued to pray and as a result of a second dream she came to know the Lord.