The healing of Peter

In 2010 Bumbar Peter from Micula left to work in Vienna for an unkown period of time. While in Vienna he experienced some problems with his hands. If he held it close to his body the hand would become numb but if he wanted to raise it up he was unable due to great pains. With enormous difficulty he continued to fulfill his duty at work but in all this time of suffering he asked for divine healing. On September 12, 2010, evangelist Florin Pop preached about world missions in the First Pentecostal Church of Vienna. As he was preaching he pointed to the side where Peter stayed and cried out: “You whose hand is experiencing problems; Jesus is healing it right now!” In those moments Bumbar Peter was overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit and he did something he had not done in a long time: he raised his hand as a sign of complete healing. Great joy filled his heart and at the end of the service he witnessed to God’s healing power. Even today his completely healed hand is a great testimony of the power of Jesus.