At the Hungarian-Slovakian border, in the TransCarpathian region, there are several volohian villages. Some of the names of these villages are Viznita, Obava, Mircea, Poroscova, Simeria, Camnita, Dolha. They are situated in the Ujgorod and Mukaceva area. The Romanians that are living there speak a very old dialect or form of Romanian language and their origin is unknown. Economically and socially speaking, most of them live in great poverty. Their houses are very poorly built. A lot of them earn their living by crafting wooden spoons. Some of them are illiterate and they have no church. In the summer of 2011, we managed to organize a few evangelizing and humanitarian campaigns in Viznita, Obaca and Mircea. We held special meetings for children because they have numerous families with many children. At our evangelizing programs dozens of people participated and the power of the Holy Spirit touched a lot of hearts through our worship and sermons.