In the Transcarpathia region there are a couple of volohi villages that are at the border with Hungary and Slovakia. Some of the villages need to be mentioned: Vizniţa, Obava, Mircea, Poroşcova, Simeria, Camniţa, Dolha, all of which are in the region of Ujgorod and Mukacevo. The Romanians living here speak an archaic Romanian language and their history is not known. From a social standpoint most habitants live in outright poverty. Their houses are poorly constructed and their only source of income is to make wooden spoons. Some are illiterate and do not belong to a church. In the summer of 2011 we were able to organize some evangelistic and humanitarian missions inVizniţa, Obava and Mircea. We also held some special outreach programs for the kids since they come from very large families. For most of our events we had a large gathering and the Holy Spirit mightily moved, touching the hearts of many through the spiritual songs and the powerful preaching.